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#DoesYourHotelKnow is a NY Emmy nominated public awareness campaign by ECPAT-USA that alerts hotels and travelers alike to educate themselves about the signs of sex trafficking, with a call to action. Produced by Liam Billingham through the BRIC Media Share Program.
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This documentary brings together a diverse set of experts from juvenile justice, law enforcement, advocates, and services providers to speak about the traumatic effects of commercial sexual exploitation of children. They also share examples of how legislative reform measures and new approaches are helping shift our response from punitive to restorative. Katrina and experts in the field provide a glimpse of a cycle of violence and a broken system. However, the story does not end there. Katrina challenges us to see survivors in terms of their humanity, value and potential -- not their past. Once we see exploited children in these terms, we realize our response to their trauma is in critical need of reform.
The ECPAT-USA team hit the streets of NYC to ask people what they know about child sex trafficking and filmed their answers. In our short PSA we highlight some of the common myths and misconceptions about trafficking and exploitation. Help us spread the truth about this issue by sharing it with your friends. #ithappenshere
Produced by Valentina Canavesio through the BRIC Media Share Program
In this brief video, Katrina Owens, describes having been brought to hotels by men who exploited her, and what happened when she got there.
CNN's Freedom Project is following the fight against people trafficking and we are looking at the ways all of us can help. One of them is just by staying alert to signs of abuse and exploitation. As Clare Sebastian reports, people in the hotel industry are waking up to the part they can play in this. This is the latest campaign by anti child trafficking group, ECPAT-USA, to spur the travel industry into action. "The fact is that children are commercially sexually exploited at hotels in the United States," says ECPAT-USA Executive Director Carol Smolenski. "It happens all over. It's not like there's one bad company or one bad place, frankly pimps and traffickers don't really care."