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Journey to Colombia with ECPAT-USA in July 2017

At the end of July, we are leading a new groundbreaking journey abroad to Cartagena, Colombia. Like our journey to Thailand, this trip gives travelers an educative perspective about the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, along with sharing the inspiring work being done on the ground to combat it. This journey also focuses on how the travel industry fights trafficking, and how you as a traveler can Travel for Good. In addition we will also explore the culture and history of Colombia, along with its beautiful beaches. If you’re interested in traveling with ECPAT-USA to Cartagena, July 30- August 3, view this Journey’s itinerary here.
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Journey to Thailand with ECPAT-USA in October 2017

Take a trip that matters. Come travel with ECPAT-USA in October 15-24, 2017 as we return to Thailand! As seen in The New York Times, this trip will give participants an invaluable perspective on the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation, along with learning how the travel industry plays a role. The Journey gives participants a glimpse at how modern day travel is combating modern day slavery and will once again include visiting ECPAT International’s headquarters, the Code office, government offices, and other advocates who are protecting children’s freedom. The Journey includes several cultural excursions and exploring the beautiful countrysides of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
Check out this Journey’s itinerary here.
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Read about our trip to Thailand!

On November 7-17th, 2015 we led our first Advocacy Journey abroad to Thailand! The inaugural journey was in partnership with Altruvistas, a tour company focused on sustainable philanthropic travel and also member of the The Code. This focus of the trip was to educate travelers about the issue of trafficking and exploitation and to inspire advocacy in combating it. The trip broadens participants understanding of the issue, directly supports anti-trafficking initiatives on the ground, and gives travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty and adventure of Thailand. Highlights included the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, along with visiting ECPAT International, The Code, The Mirror Foundation, the International Labor Organization, along with other NGOs throughout Thailand working to combat trafficking at the grassroots level. Join us on a 2016 journey!


Experience the trip for yourself! Read a day-by-day first hand account by Karen Weiss

Here’s a of a picture of me, Karen, at the White Temple in Chiang Rai. Read my day-by-day blog of the trip and our adventures here.

I was lucky enough to participate in ECPAT-USA’s first Advocacy Journey to Thailand. The trip can best be described as AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and THRILLING!! It combines the excitement of visiting a fascinating country with a rare opportunity to broaden your understanding of the problem of human trafficking. Traveling with ECPAT-USA opens doors to an education that would not be available to the average traveller. Here is my day-to-day account of what we did and what the trip was like.

Day One: We awoke to a beautiful room, with a view of the city and the hotel 9th floor pool. Since it was Saturday, we took the opportunity to travel to the huge Chatuchak Weekend Market. The Weekend Market is enormous and teeming with activity. There are thousands of vendors and all types of goods are for sale. read more