First Responders

First Responders
Health care providers, law enforcement, social workers, teachers and others are some of the front line workers in a position to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children and to identify victims. Community organizations across the spectrum also have a role to play in raising awareness and identifying sexually exploited children. ECPAT-USA has helpful training and resource materials.
On our Resources pages are reports and studies to help you understand the issue. Click here.
You can view our video “What I Have Been Through Is Not Who I Am” by clicking the title. It has already been used to train thousands of law enforcement personnel, Child Protective Services workers and others.
Our video “Uncovering the Truth” was developed to train healthcare workers about how to identify and help commercially sexually exploited children. It records a focus group discussion among young women who had been commercially sexually exploited describing their experiences in hospital emergency rooms. You can order it by filling out this request.
If your organization is planning or booking a large events, ask companies to sign the Code. We all know “money talks” and when companies see their consumers showing interest in issues, they show interest as well. If they will not sign, book elsewhere- keep in mind that you always have choices!
Print Postcards to Promote Signing: Inform non-signatory companies about the Code by referring them to our website. Use this letter to share information about the Code. Join The Code Letter Drop it off at a hotel or travel company to inform them about the Code.