Community Groups

Community Groups

Y-ACT College Clubs!

Want to create a college environment empowered to end child sex trafficking? Start a Youth Against Child Trafficking (Y-ACT) club on your campus!
Child sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that’s happening throughout world, including here in the U.S. Your school’s Y-ACT club can be a collective of abolitionists! Starting a club is a great service to your school & community, as well as to yourself and fellow students. Y-ACT will foster unity and create a safe space for like-minded people to engage in conversations, problem-solving, & action to end child sex trafficking. The main ways to do so will be through:
  • Advocacy- Advocating for laws & policies that protect children’s basic right to grow up free from commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).
  • Education/Awareness-Raising awareness that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children occurs right here in the United States.
Ready to join the fight against child sex trafficking? Fill out this form or contact ECPAT-USA’s Youth Outreach Manager, Janai Smith at or 718-935-9192.

Community Groups

If your organization is planning or booking a large events, ask companies to sign the Code. We all know “money talks” and when companies see their consumers showing interest in issues, they show interest as well. If they will not sign, book elsewhere- keep in mind that you always have choices! Print Postcards to Promote Signing: Inform non-signatory companies about the Code by referring them to our website. Use this letter to share information about the Code. Join The Code Letter Drop it off at a hotel or travel company to inform them about the Code.
Our video “Uncovering the Truth” was developed to train healthcare workers about how to identify and help commercially sexually exploited children. It records a focus group discussion among young women who had been commercially sexually exploited describing their experiences in hospital emergency rooms. You can order it by filling out this request.


ECPAT UNITED is ECPAT-USA's ongoing effort to partner with faith-based communities. We know that these trusted and respected community organizations are the leaders of advocacy work and community engagement.
How does ECPAT-UNITED work with Faith-based communities?
ECPAT-UNITED focuses on four areas: awareness, advocacy, corporate responsibility, and education, to equip faith communities by:
    • Expediting Information: to raise awareness in your community
    • Engaging Communities: to partner in our work to stop the CSEC
    • Empowering Faith-based communities: to network with supporting communities and beyond
    For more information about ECPAT-UNITED, please email us at: or click here to download our ECPAT UNITED campaign program

Bring the movie SOLD to your community!

SOLD is a film adaptation of the globally acclaimed novel by Patricia McCormick, starring starring Gillian Anderson and David Arquette. Based on true stories, SOLD is a story of a girl who is trafficked from her village in Nepal to a brothel in Kolkata, India. Through one girl’s extraordinary journey, SOLD illustrates the brutality of child trafficking which affects millions of children both domestically and globally. ECPAT-USA has partnered with the producers of the movie to bring screenings to your community. The process is simple: by using the service, you can set up personalised screenings in your local theater and raise funds for ECPAT-USA, an organization working to create a world where no child is trafficked or exploited. Not only the screenings will help raise funds for a significant cause, it will be a great opportunity to raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. For more information on how to get started, contact and receive your complete screening guide! If your company is interested in hosting a screening, send us a message and we can make arrangements. More information on SOLD can be found here.